Water ripples – Refraction, Product code: YAACAP050920, Size 24 x 18 inches (without frame), Material: Acrylic on canvas, Primary color: Teal, Frame: 1 inch white/black frame. Price – INR 10000
Vibgyor, Product code: YAAPAP120920, Size 16.5 x 23.4 inches (without frame), Material: Acrylic on paper, Primary color: Red, Blue, Green, Yellow Frame: 1 inch white/black frame and glass top. Price – INR 16000
Tulip in my garden-Abstract
Beauty of nature- Tulip, Product code: YAACAP150919, Size: 10 x 13 inches (without frame)
Material:  Canvas and acrylics paints
Primary color: Pink and Blue
Frame: Black frame/White/ (1 inch width) and white mount (1 inch width)
Price: INR 7000
The vibrance of the fire
The Vibrancy of Fire, Product code: YAACAP070419, Size: 18×24 inches (without frame)
Material: Canvas and Acrylic colors
Primary color: Red
Frame: Box frame
Price: INR 30000
Mother-Our secret santa
Our Secret Santa- Mother, Product code: YAAPWP251218, Size: 11.69 x 12 inches (without frame)
Material:  Paper (200 gsm) and water-based paints
Primary color: Red
Frame: Black frame (1 inch width) and red mount (1 inch width) with glass top
Price: INR 5000
Color theory of the Sun
Product code: 
YAAACP250720Size 24 x 30 inches (without frame)Material: Acrylic on canvasPrimary color: Red, Frame: Stretched on a wood framePrice: INR 35000

Element of the sky- Moon
Product code: 
YAAACP080820Size24 x 24 inches (without frame)Material: Acrylics on canvasPrimary color: BlueFrame: Stretched on wood framePrice: INR 30000

Bundle of Joyful Colors (I), Product code: YAAACP280620Size18 x 13 inches (without frame)Material: Acrylics on canvasPrimary color: Teal and PinkFrame: 1.5 inches brown/white/black framePrice: INR 16000

Daria series
Daria Series (I), Product code: YAACAP230919, Size: 14 x 12 inches (without frame)
Material:  Canvas and acrylics paints
Primary color: Blue
Frame: Brown box frame
Price: INR 4500
Serenity in the woods
Serenity in Woods, Product code: YAACAP170917, Size: 11 x 14 inches, Material: Canvas and acrylic colors, Primary color: Red, Frame: Black (1 inch) with glass top, Price: 3200 
Vibes of colors
Spectrum of colors
Product code: YAACAP290820, Size 18 x 24 inch (without frame), Material: Acrylic on canvas board, Primary color: Red, Frame: 1 inch black frame. Price – INR 10000